Publications in 2011

Nobuaki Ohno, Hiroki Hasegawa, and Tetsuya Sato
Images of Aurora Light based on Macro-Micro-Interlocked Simulation
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, special issue, IMAGES IN PLASMA SCIENCE, Vol. 39, Issue 11, pp.2708-2709 (2011)

Hiroki Hasegawa, Nobuaki Ohno, and Tetsuya Sato
Response of magnetosphere to microscopic effects in auroral arcs formation
Plasma and Fusion Research Special Issue on ITC20, Vol.6, 2401128 (2011)

Shugo Yasuda and Ryoichi Yamamoto
Dynamic rheology of a supercooled polymer melt in nonuniform oscillating flows between rapidly oscillating plates
Physical Review E 84, 031501 (2011)

安田 修悟、山本 量一
アンサンブル 13, pp. 105-112 (2011)