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Nonlinear data analysis ~an interpreted underlying world of phenomena from data~

Plainly speaking, my research is “data analysis”.  I make the analyses using time series data in many cases.  Data analysis is an application of mathematics using computers for various phenomena that occur in the real world.  Many people may think that mathematics is a study to solve patterns and structures in mathematics.  Such a mathematics is called “pure mathematics”.  I turn various thoughts over in my mind using data observed from phenomena.  Also, I develop new methods and try to understand the phenomena and solve problems using various methods with the help of mathematics and computers.  My major approaches are following four.

1. Building models using data (statistical modelling)
2. Characteristic analysis using statistical hypothesis testing (method of surrogate data)
3. Constructing networks from data
4. Analysis of phenomena using simulation

Research keywords: time series analysis, statistical modelling, dynamical system, nonlinear phenomena, optimization problems

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  • Master’s Program
    first semester: Introduction to data processing
    second semester: Multivariate analysis and Fourier analysis
  • Doctoral program
    Nonlinear time series analysis

For more details such as background, particular field, research contents, research achievements and extramural activities, please see the researcher database of University of Hyogo.  It should be noted that the database is written in Japanese only.  The researcher database is here.