Graduate School of Simulation StudiesUniversity of Hyogo


Research Area

The Graduate School of Simulation Studies addresses issues spanning a broad range of fields using a cross-disciplinary approach. This enables us to assemble a staff of instructors with expertise in a wide array of areas. The scope of applications for simulation is extremely diverse.   The School has established four groups for simulation studies: infrastructure development, policy issues, new developments in industry, and the natural environment. We believe this approach will facilitate the ongoing development of simulation, and enable it to be used effectively to address a variety of issues. Since many of the manifold issues facing modern society cannot be resolved with the expertise of only one field, our diverse staff are working together to find solutions for these issues.

Academic Staff

Natural Environment Field

  Yasuyuki Nagano, Professor (Dean)  
  Shin-ichiro Shima, Associate Professor  
  Hideyuki Doi, Associate Professor  
  Hideyuki Ohtani, Associate Professor *  

*Under the Cross-appointment system with Riken Center for Computational Science(R-CCS)

Industrial Field

  Yutaka Hata, Professor  
  Hitoshi Washizu, Professor Website
  Shugo Yasuda, Associate Professor  


Policy Field

  Yoshi Fujiwara, Professor  
  Shin Kimura, Professor  
  Hiroyasu Inoue, Associate Professor  


Infrastructure Field

  Nobuaki Ohno, Professor  
  Tomo Nakamura, Professor  
  Ryusuke Numata, Associate Professor Personal Website



  Ikuo Fukuda, Adjunct Professor
  Narutoshi Kamiya, Adjunct Professor
  Junichi Higo, Adjunct Professor
  Le Van Sang, Adjunct Lecturer



  Masashi Manabe, Visiting Professor
Kaetsu University, Faculty of Business Innovation
  Jun Fujiwara, Visiting Associate Professor
National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience,
Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Research Division