Graduate School of Simulation StudiesUniversity of Hyogo

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Message from the Dean

Simulation studies takes the science of simulation in the natural and social sciences one step further and applies it to realize a desirable and harmonious balance between humans, nature, and society.

The Graduate School of Simulation Studies opened in April 2011 as an independent graduate school around the time the K computer was set-up on Port Island in Kobe city; the School is also located on Port Island, nearby the K computer.

Simulation has an important role in academic studies as a third method, alongside experimentation and theory. As the performance of supercomputers continues to advance, the size and scope of issues that can be resolved using simulation have become much larger. The scope of issues handled using simulation has also noticeably expanded beyond the natural sciences to also encompass various fields such as policy issues, industry, and the natural environment.

In the information society that we live in today, the analysis of so-called big data and processing of vast amounts of data that humans cannot handle on their own can now be processed using high-performance computers.

The skills and knowledge required for such work have been expanding to include a wider range of fields, in addition to existing areas.

This School focuses on educating and training the talented individuals that society requires, while encouraging students to independently find research themes that are relevant to society.

Our students are taught to use their own abilities to address and resolve these issues, as well as communicate their own ideas to others, and in doing so play a part in finding solutions to the challenges facing society.

We are seeking motivated students who will study simulation at this School, and then use their own knowledge and abilities to pioneer progress in as-yet unknown fields.

Dean of the Graduate School of Simulation Studies
Yasuyuki Nagano