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安田准教授と本学卒業生の大川凌さんの論文 “Solidification of a simple liquid near wall in high-speed shear flows”が,Journal of Physics: Conference Seriesに掲載されました。
著 者 Shugo Yasuda, Ryo Ookawa
題 目 Solidification of a simple liquid near wall in high-speed shear flows
掲載誌 Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Vol. 1136, 012027 (2018)
DOI 10.1088/1742-6596/1136/1/012027
概 要
The viscous-heating-induced solidification of a Lennard-Jones fluid near wall in high-speed shear flows is discovered by the molecular-dynamics simulation. The solidification is characterized by a non-dimensional parameter defined by the ratio of the viscous heating to the thermal conductivity of the fluid and is observed only when the channel width is sufficiently large, where the macroscopic transport becomes significant. Thus, the solidification is thought to be due to the macroscopic heat and mass transport induced by the viscous heating generated in the fluid regime by the high-speed shear flow. Unexpectedly, shear bands also appear near wall when the solidification occurs.