M2の小西正和君が、国際シンポジウム (MJTS 2017) にて最優秀ポスター賞を受賞しました。

M2の小西正和君が 2017年8月28日にクアラルンプールで開催された5th Malaysia-Japan Tribology Symposium 2017 (MJTS 2017)にて以下のとおり研究報告を行い,最優秀ポスター賞を受賞しました。

発表者 M. Konishi, H. Washizu
 題 目 Molecular Dynamics Simulation for Solvent Effect to Physical Adsorbtion of Organic Additives
 概 要 Oiliness agents are widely added to reduce boundary friction in many kinds of lubricants such as vehicle engine oils. At the contact area in machine elements, oiliness agents adsorb on metal surface and makes self-assembled organic monolayer. Although the friction properties of the monolayer is widely studied in molecular level, the formation process is not well-known. In this study we calculate the initial process of adsorbing of additive molecules in explicit base oil molecules using molecular dynamics. We found another effect of base oil other than “chain matching”. The base oil forms an adsorbed layer in the vicinity of the solid layer at first. Then the molecules of additives need to break through the adsorbed layer of base oil. The result reveals that the structuring of base oil molecules near the solid wall causes a limitation for the adsorbing process.